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What do SpongeBob, Bette Davis and ‘Hay for horses’ have in common – Woods Cove

Everyone Loves Laguna’s Woods Cove Some Woods Cove tidbits: In the late 1800’s Laguna and Arch Beach (Woods Cove) were actually two towns each with their own post offices. They were separated by the deep Bluebird and Sleepy Hallow Canyons requiring a long trip through Aliso Canyon, El Toro and Laguna Canyon to visit each

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Arch Beach Pier at “Ring Rock”(Wood’s Cove) point.

(check out the pier and the first ‘Wood’s Cove’ house on the hill) In 1887, today’s Laguna was two separate towns, Arch Beach and Laguna Beach. The then impassable Bluebird Canyon separated the two towns. Each had their own post office and hotel. Nathaniel Brooks, was Laguna’s first stagecoach driver, and brought water to Arch

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Woods Cove – The Story

Woods Cove – The Story Starting with the twin cities – Arch Beach and Laguna Beach In the late 1800s, the Woods Cove area was originally called Arch Beach and was a separate town from Laguna Beach. It even had its own post office. The reason for the twin city effect was that wagons could

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